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    Ornaments and panels: decor with an impeccable reputation from the Home Decor brand

    Do you want to create harmonious interior configurations or experiment with spectacular stylistic concepts, bringing to life exclusive design solutions? The most popular category of products from the Ukrainian manufacturer Home Decor - ornaments and panels - will help you with this.

    By visiting our online store, which is the official distributor of decorative stucco from a popular brand, everyone can inexpensively buy products of impeccable quality. Ornaments and panels from Home Decor are not inferior in their operational and aesthetic characteristics to the decor of iconic manufacturers, however, their affordable price makes them more affordable, taking into account the purchasing power of Ukrainian consumers.

    On the virtual showcase, visitors are presented with a large selection of products made from an innovative material - duropolymer, which gives stucco molding properties that are appreciated in Ukraine, Europe and Asia.

    Options for stylish interior solutions

    We always have a wide variety of patterns and panels at our disposal, allowing you to arrange the interior in any stylistic concept, from elegant classics to modern. The use of such stucco molding is limited only by flights of fancy. Doors, windows, arches and walls, including high ceilings, are decorated using ornaments and panels. The use of decor for the design of the side panels of false fireplaces is especially important. By the way, the material is quite light and pliable, so installation can be done independently without the help of professionals.

    Thanks to the good adhesion of the surface of the products, it is possible to paint them taking into account individual preferences, and exclusively using water-based compositions. Ornaments and panels withstand contact with moisture, sunlight and mechanical stress, being absolutely environmentally friendly products.

    Several reasons to buy stucco molding in our online store

    Anyone who values quality of service and reliability chooses the mono-brand online store “Home Decor” because it:

    • A large selection for implementing the most daring design concepts in order to create unique images.
    • Some of the most loyal prices in Ukraine for products with an impeccable reputation.
    • Individual approach to each client.
    • Convenient form of payment.
    • Prompt delivery.

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