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    Wall plinth: wholesale and retail at the best prices in Ukraine

    When arranging the interiors of restaurants, hotels, offices and, of course, residential premises, wall-type skirting boards are actively used. Commercial operations related to the sale of such decorative strips are carried out in many specialized stores, as well as through online sales via the Internet. However, the quality of products and their cost do not always satisfy the requirements of consumers.

    You can inexpensively purchase wall skirting boards from the Ukrainian brand Home Decor in our online store, which has been an official dealer for a long time. Produced by a brand that also develops design, decorative products have found their admirers in the European Union and Asia. This popularity is largely due to the organic combination of affordable prices and impeccable quality. The latter point was made possible thanks to the manufacturer’s use of advanced technologies, the latest equipment and environmentally friendly raw materials.

    Having carefully studied the assortment presented on the virtual showcase, visitors, even with a low level of income, will be able to order budget premium wall skirting boards on the website with delivery to any city in the country.

    Universal decor with a wide range of possibilities

    The wall-type skirting boards we sell, in addition to decorative purposes, perform practical functions related to masking the gaps between touching horizontal and vertical surfaces. A breakthrough was the use of an innovative material - duropolymer, due to which the final product received many obvious advantages:

    • A light weight.
    • Resistant to physical stress, moisture and UV rays.
    • Resistance to fungal infections and mold.
    • Easy to install and no special maintenance required.

    The model range is regularly updated with collections with both smooth and corrugated surfaces, which makes it possible to choose the ideal solution that can emphasize the respectability of a setting in a classic or modern style.

    Free consultation

    Are you faced with the difficulty of choosing or don’t know how to place an order for baseboards from Home Decor? Please use the contact information provided on the website to contact our staff, who are always ready to provide competent assistance.

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