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    Consoles: a large selection of decor from the Home Decor brand

    Save yourself the hassle of wasting time and effort searching for a place where you can buy inexpensive, but beautiful and reliable decorative consoles. Now you can do this without leaving your computer by filling out an online application on the website of the Home Decor mono-brand online store. The virtual showcase presents a large assortment of decorative stucco moldings - consoles that can give the decoration of a room a complete look, emphasize its originality and aesthetics, as well as add a touch of sophistication and aristocracy.

    As a type of supporting and decorative element, a volumetric console allows you to experiment with the geometry of space, bringing luxury and elegance to it.

    By carefully familiarizing yourself with the existing model range, which is regularly updated with new options, you will be able to implement the most current stylistic concepts in the interior, be it classic empire style, modern, futuristic minimalism or loft. We are the official distributor of stucco moldings from the Ukrainian manufacturer Home Decor. The absence of intermediary services in cooperation has the most positive effect on the quality of products, which deserve respect and their price, which is one of the most loyal in Ukraine.

    Advantages of decorative consoles Home Decor

    Compared to other options for decorative elements, Home Decor consoles are distinguished by their versatility and multifunctionality. With their help, you can hide unevenness and defects, and use them as a self-sufficient element of interior decor, for example, as a stand for a vase. Designers successfully use consoles to create arches and doorways, including additions to cornices and other protruding elements.

    Home Decor consoles are made of duropolymer - the newest material that has replaced natural wood and gypsum, as it combines a whole list of obvious advantages:

    • Resistance to mechanical loads, as well as aggressive environmental factors.
    • Opportunity to implement the most creative design ideas.
    • Easy to install and easy to maintain.
    • Durability and environmental friendliness.

    Convenience of choice

    In order for each visitor to be able to correctly navigate the abundance of our offers, we have supplemented each product card with comprehensive information about its characteristics and cost. In addition, our managers are always ready to provide competent recommendations on selection.

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