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    Pilasters: antique decor in modern interiors

    Pilasters that came to us from Ancient Greece and Rome, which were originally used as supporting structures for ceilings and walls, are now in great demand. However, materials such as natural stone, metal or wood have been replaced in modern products with lighter analogues, which, while maintaining all the aesthetics of the design, make it lighter and more convenient to use. One of these innovative materials is duropolymer, which is actively and successfully used by Home Decor. The history of the Ukrainian brand began in 2015 and during its activity, the brand has become one of the leaders in the markets of Europe and Asia in the production of decorative stucco molding.

    You can purchase budget pilasters made of duropolymer with a quality guarantee for the decoration of residential premises and offices in Ukraine by contacting the Home Decor online store. We have at our disposal a large selection of designs that can satisfy the requirements of the modern consumer.

    Current designs

    Beautiful, reliable, practical and versatile pilasters can add a sense of majesty and superiority, notes of charm and grace to the atmosphere of a room. The use of such decor is especially justified when arranging an interior in the Empire and eclectic styles, which best emphasize the respectability and self-sufficiency of the environment. By the way, pilasters are often found in the interiors of cabinets and office spaces, where pretentious luxury is considered an excess, as they form a laconic and business-like style.

    Excellent quality and affordable price

    We cooperate with the manufacturer directly, without the participation of intermediaries, which, combined with our democratic pricing policy, has the best effect on the cost of decor. In addition to the budget price, the duropolymer pilasters from Home Decor that we sell online with delivery throughout Ukraine have many positive properties:

    • Impact resistance.
    • Light weight.
    • Compatible with water-based paints, allowing you to experiment with different shades.
    • Resistant to temperature and moisture fluctuations.
    • Variety of textures and configurations.
    • Ease of installation.

    You can verify the fairness of the above advantages right now by making a purchase directly on our website or by contacting competent personnel using the contact information provided.

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