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Corner elements

    Corner elements: decorative stucco molding for organizing interiors

    If in the last century, mainly for the purpose of arranging spacious interiors of residential premises, preference was given to plaster stucco or natural wood, today the dominant trend is towards saving. Products from the Ukrainian company Home Decor and the corner elements it produces, in particular, will cope well with this task. Such decor can be used as an addition to other structures or as a self-sufficient decoration that forms accented areas.

    The obvious advantage of the products is their loyal price, while maintaining impeccable aesthetic and technical and operational characteristics. Being a worthy competitor to the stucco molding of famous foreign brands, corner elements from the Home Decor brand are much cheaper, which is why they are in wide consumer demand not only in our country, but also in Europe and Asia.

    In the illustrated catalog, you will find a large selection of corner elements aimed at creating real works of art in the context of interior decor. After carefully reviewing the assortment, you can choose the best solution, taking into account personal preferences and financial capabilities. By the way, purchasing corner elements in our online store is not only profitable, but also convenient, because to do this you just need to fill out an application on the website or call the manager at the specified phone numbers.

    Home Decor products are the choice of those who value quality and time

    Both individuals and corporate clients can use our services and order Home Decor stucco with a guarantee. For wholesale orders, you can count on significant discounts. The durability of the corner elements is explained by the use of high-quality raw materials, namely duropolymer, which gives the finished product the following properties:

    • A light weight.
    • Resistance to physical stress.
    • Ability to retain its characteristics when exposed to moisture.
    • Easy to install and easy to maintain.

    It should be noted that the corner elements, if desired, can be painted with water-based compounds, which also allows you to implement the most interesting design solutions. Despite the fact that we are geographically located in Kyiv, the whole of Ukraine can appreciate the advantages of the service of a mono-brand online store and be convinced of the impeccability of the decor sold. Delivery is carried out promptly to any city in the country.

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