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    Moldings from Home Decor: affordable prices

    Are you looking for the best option for organizing a respectable interior, be it in a residential apartment or office space? In this case, your expectations will be fully met by the moldings from the Ukrainian brand Home Decor, presented in our illustrated catalog with an abundance of models. Decorative elements made from duropolymer can not only add charm and aesthetics, but also hide existing defects. In addition, the variability of design solutions allows you to choose the ideal way to arrange space in such stylistic concepts as:

    • Classic
    • Baroque
    • Empire style, etc.

    Having carefully familiarized yourself with the assortment we offer, which is constantly updated with new models of moldings, everyone will be able to buy inexpensive modern decor with an impeccable reputation.


    Moldings produced by Home Decor are an elongated strip, the surface of which is complemented with textured ornaments and volumetric reliefs that imitate, for example, the weaving of wild grapes. In addition to the undoubted aesthetic advantages, this type of duropolymer decor has the following advantages:

    • Budget price, especially in comparison with analogues made of wood or plaster.
    • Maintaining its integrity and presentation for a long time.
    • Inertness to physical activity.
    • Resistance to moisture, sunlight, temperature changes.
    • Possibility of installation in rooms with high sanitary requirements due to environmental friendliness.

    By the way, Home Decor moldings are not susceptible to fungal colonies and have good adhesion to various paints and varnishes, which is also successfully implemented in practice by designers. Having decided to order moldings online, you have at your disposal decor that can be used to divide the space, form focal points in the interior, and give other structures a presentable and complete appearance.

    Delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine by carriers

    In order to purchase premium quality moldings at favorable budget savings, it is not at all necessary to live in Kiev. Serving the target audience is carried out throughout Ukraine through prompt delivery by popular transport companies.

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